Our High Capacity Venue: Concept 2

By far Millbrook’s biggest venue, it is large enough to fit a full-height contemporary circus performance! Concept 2 boasts 12-metre-high ceilings and is perfect for large scale conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. It has no internal support pillars, so that every delegate can get an uninterrupted view.
1,250 m2

It can be used as a single space or converted into smaller rooms to complement the size and agenda of the event. A motorised mothergrid is available as an optional extra to facilitate any additional rigging.

Concept 2 is often linked to Concept 1 to allow for even more scope and flexibility, or to accommodate delegate arrival and catering requirements.

Concept 2 is an ideal venue for:

  • Large-scale Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Mass-audience Seminars
  • Large Product Launches
  • Car Launches
  • Corporate Parties

Maximum Capacity: – Theatre Style (1000), Cabaret (600), Dining (1000), Drinks (1000)

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