Track Facilities

Millbrook offers an unrivalled combination of tracks  suitable for virtually every vehicle demonstration, all in  a picturesque location.

For breath-taking off-road experiences, Millbrook combines off-road and severe off-road circuits to meet customers’ specification. These tracks provide a comprehensive range of terrains for every type of vehicle from soft-roaders to full high-mobility military-specification vehicles.

Millbrook Proving Ground was purpose-built as a test facility for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. On-road tracks include the famous Millbrook Hill Route, which simulates challenging European roads, the high speed circuit and a number of flat areas for parking or dynamic demonstrations.

Track facilities include:

High Speed Bowl

Two miles of banked track where delegates drive up to 100mph or experience speeds over 100mph with the professionals at the wheel.

Mile Straight

So accurate that it curves slightly to compensate for the curvature of the earth. The place to test acceleration and braking or park up to 900 cars if you prefer.

Mile Straight Apron

A satellite area with plenty of room for hospitality or for self-drive challenges such as the skid car, fast slalom or blindfold driving.

Outer Handling Circuit

This is how the professionals do it. Experience extreme handling, late braking and ultimate acceleration at the hands of the experts.

Alpine Track

Twisting and turning round hairpin bends and heart-stopping drops, this track tests the nerve and the skill of the drivers.

Off-Road Course

Designed to test every off-road driving skill, the course carves its way through tough off-road terrain, demanding absolute concentration and control with every turn of the wheel.

Steering Pad

Everyone’s favourite. Over 15,000 square metres of prime outdoor space right outside Concept 1. Let the professionals teach them how to handle skids and control ABS braking.


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