About Millbrook

Millbrook Venues is located in the heart of Millbrook Proving Ground, a test and development facility for the automotive industry. Millbrook Proving Ground is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles.

Millbrook’s Test Track facilities are unrivalled in the UK as the only Proving Ground not to be located on an old aircraft runway. This, complemented with a worldwide reputation for confidentiality, service and competitiveness is why Millbrook are the first choice of many global vehicle manufacturers for prototype testing.

Constructed back in the 1960s, the custom-built facility provides virtually every test, validation and homologation service necessary for today’s demanding programmes, including Vehicle Durability, Powertrain testing, Crashworthiness and Component Testing.

For more information about Millbrook Proving Ground, visit www.millbrook.co.uk

email: info@millbrook.co.uk
switchboard: +44 1525 404242
enquiries: +44 1525 408484

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